3 New Blogger Obstacles

Are you excited to begin blogging?

You should be.

But fear appears in mind too. Being a new blogger mixes the joy and excitement of opportunity with the fear of regret.

How? You just began blogging? Here’s how; you regret investing money in your domain and hosting because failure is imminent, in your mind. Perhaps you worry about how to blog successfully. 

New blogger obstacles derail most careers. But you know better. Simply facing and solving each problem catapults you forward into blogging growth.
Dissolve these 3 common new blogger obstacles.

Three New Blogger Obstacles

1: Who Do You Trust?

New bloggers have no idea who to follow. Who should you trust? Why? What good blogging advice can you follow to succeed?

That's when the urge to start Googling on “blogging” and “blogging tips”. Begin there. People appearing on page 1 or 2 of Google for competitive keywords in the blogging niche know their stuff. Pick information from the 1-3 page on Google search engine.
Looking for blogging mentors to follow. Choose someone whose teaching style feels good to you. Study resonant bloggers to overcome this common blogging trust obstacle.

Research these folks deeply. How freely do they share knowledge? How many eBooks
and courses did they create and publish? Are they connected to other pro bloggers? If these pros are genuinely generous, creative and connected pros, pick 1-3 to follow.

Avoid following more than 3 blogging mentors to reduce information overload.

2: What Niche Should You Choose?

I wrote an eBook out of my 100 plus eBooks discussing how to pick the right blogging
niche because bloggers get confused in this regard. I had no clue how to pick a niche
as a new blogger. Some guy told me to pick the make money online niche 10 years ago. Blindly, I trusted him and followed his advice. Years later, I trashed this blog because I did not feel passionate about making money online. I did feel passionate
about blogging and travelling so created Blogging From Paradise.

Select a niche you feel passionate about. Follow your fun. Blogging your passion fuels you for a fun but long, sometimes challenging journey. Wake daily excited to blog your niche. Choose your passion. Enjoy the blogging ride.

3: What Do You Write About?

I get asked this question often. What do new writers blog about?

Let go this mental block by getting clear: what do your readers want? Give them what they want. I share blogging tips because people crave solutions to their blogging problems. I write about how to increase blog traffic and profits. Plus I write about how to solve new blogger problems, how to create eye-popping titles and any topic solving
reader problems and inspiring readers to live their dreams.

Listen to your readers. Solve their problems. If you have no readers, just read 3-5 to blogs from your niche. Observe blog comments. What do people struggle with? Write about solutions to their struggles. Carefully note topics covered by top bloggers in your niche. If they cover simple, practical topics, you should be, too.

Important Note

New bloggers often complain about blogging being highly difficult or hard but this is not true. Imagine if you never bench pressed 10 pounds and I ask you to try bench pressing 500 pounds. Now that is hard or highly difficult. 
Blogging as a newbie feels uncomfortable and scary because you face deep fears routinely during your new blogger journey. Facing uncomfortable emotions is the complete opposite of doing something physically difficult or something physically impossible.
See the journey through. Be generous, passionate and trusting in the blogging process. You will succeed.

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